Northampton, PA – August 1, 2011 –
ConservaTech LLC announced a new program aimed at promoting its professional consultants for public and private speaking engagements. These individuals bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, and a touch of humor from time to time, on a variety of topics tailored to corporate, non-profit, or even local organizations........... Read More
Northampton, PA – June 1, 2011 –
ConservaTech LLC today announced the launch of a comprehensive portfolio of information security products and services designed to secure business processes and practices in a straightforward, cost-effective manner. The flagship offering in this portfolio, “SecurePOINT!”.......................... Read More
Today’s competitive business environment demands appropriate security controls to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information. This information becomes a critical business asset to the people, process, and technology that exist within the corporate boundaries. ConservaTech LLC delivers business solutions to ensure that your information cannot reach the wrong hands, gets there the same way it was sent, and is available when you or your business needs it. From standards-based security assessments, to full-blown assurance program implementations, ConservaTech is here to serve your needs.
ConservaTech brings a wealth of knowledge, multiple industry experience, and a streamlined management process to help you achieve solutions that meet rapidly changing requirements. Even if you need help defining those requirements or addressing pre-requisite work, ConservaTech helps you through that process. Our consultants work with you at each step to ensure that our E3 Edge guarantees exceed your expectations. The result is an end-to-end partnership that provides cost-effective, solutions-driven impact to your organization.
Unlike other consultant firms, ConservaTech goes one step further to bring you the opportunity for expert-led training and interactive awareness seminars in your organization at very competitive rates. We take security awareness to a whole new level.
Regardless of your needs, we hope you will consider ConservaTech to be your information security and technology partner. ConservaTech will help your business make a difference!